We conform a large family, with a sense of belonging and focused on bringing an excellent service, we attempt to make you feel like our special guest and for this we have orginated a display of human talent made with love, we want to make a difference, we want to be loyal to you , we want to train every day our team to get closer to you.


  1. Our goal is to provide comprehensive health care by professionals, which requires the application of acquired skills. The professional act is characterized by professional autonomy and the relationship between the health and the user. They have the responsibility of self-regulation, understood as a set of actions necessary to take charge of their conduct and professional activities.
  2. The responsible professional attitude allows the adoption of an ethical conduct to benefit the users, also the professional competence with attencion quality given to the users. The law contemplates the development of a stimulus and incentive program defined by the national government, directed to the health personnel; as well the national council of human talent in health will propose modalities of incentives to promote the quality of services and work performance. INCENTIVES TO PROMOTE QUALITY.


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