Luis Devoz is our expert plant doctor, with a wide range of renowned clinics and hospitals in Bogotá, highlighted by his high standards of quality in each procedure, the excellent comments of his patients and his participation in the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery Aesthetic and Reconstructive to practice in Colombia.

The experts that participate in our rooms are certified, we verify all the qualifications and work experience, we always want to offer you the best, a team inside and outside the operating room is added to our list of experts with national and international qualifications for our philosophy of making you feel like a guest, Corporal Fitness trains them month by month with the new requirements of the secretary of health, workshops of human talent, inductions of new technology, internal workshops of improvement operations and all the daily protocol of the clinic.

Our goal will always be to inform you and be totally transparent, so don’t forget that in Corporal Fitness we comply with the requirements of excellent plastic surgeons, the common belief is that once the doctor obtains the degree of surgeon can practice any specialty without doing advanced training in a specialty. This is the reason is why plastic surgery and plastic surgeon, are not interchangeable terms, this means that  the fact of performing a surgical or non-surgical procedure for aesthetic purposes does not imply that this person is a plastic surgeon. To be a plastic surgeon this are following requirements:


  • Being a doctor with a degree in Colombia.
  • Be a Surgeon.
  • Being a Plastic Surgeon qualified by a University approved by THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF COLOMBIA.
  • Registration with the Ministry of Social Protection.
  • Registration and authorization of the local Ministry of Health.

Don’t confused. Some professionals only take aesthetics courses without an adequate training in surgical procedures for reconstructive purposes and for aesthetic purposes that will ensure a global vision on Plastic Surgery.

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